After her forbidden relationship with her best friend is discovered, Ava Beckinsale’s parents make it clear; her unholy lifestyle will not be tolerated and they will force her to change her ways.

Ava submits to unusual treatments by a psychotherapist only to discover their real nature and break free. With no where else to go, she turns to her only remaining friend, a retired MMA fighter and his partner.

With their help, Ava unleashes a hunger and ferocity rarely seen and gets the attention of executives in the company. She is now seen as a marketing tool despite her inexperience and is put against the best fighter in the last ten years, undefeated champion Veronica Nash. No one thought Ava would win. No one thought she had a chance. But no one could’ve foreseen the aftermath of the fight either.

The fighting world is divided and in uproar over the result. All around the world a call is heard loud and clear. Rematch. Ava has to decide once and for all what she would live for, what she would fight for, and given what Veronica did to her in their first encounter, what she would die for. 

Is her dream for acceptance worth her life?


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