Beasts And Beauties Edition (BABE 2023 CHARITY ANTHOLOGIES)


A charity anthology featuring a selection of BABE 2023 attending authors. This anthology is designed to give BABE attendees a brief introduction to these authors and their stories. All stories within are brand new content, or otherwise unavailable anywhere else. They’re short stories, novellas, and prequels which don’t require any prior knowledge of the author or characters within. These stories are a broad range of romance, from high heat to closed door, and some will end on cliffhangers.

All profit from the BABE 2023 Anthologies will benefit the Hawkesbury Helping Hands charity.

These ebook editions will be withdrawn from sale in July and physical copies are only available at BABE 2023.

Beasts and Beauties Edition is a Paranormal and Fantasy Anthology.


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