Sometimes to find the answers to the present, we have to look to the past…

As Australia joins with England in declaring war on Nazi Germany, the vampires of Sydney are under strict instructions: a human war is none of their affair. Privately, King Vincent learns of a weapon being created inside the Empire of Japan. One said to be powerful enough to devastate vampire kind. How will he uncover its secret?

Meanwhile, Duke Slade prepares his pack for war as he receives alarming news. A spellbook, one of three ancient items leading to absolute power, has been found on his land. Should it fall into the hands of the Axis, will anything in the world stop Hitler?

But the book holds something within its pages: a dark presence unlike anything he’s ever known. And it doesn’t care about pack dynamics or the war threatening all of Europe. It has no allegiance, no conscience, bar its unshakable will to be free.

Will it destroy everyone that gets in its way?


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