For Holly Vincent, the fact that her boss told her, emphatically, hell no, was only a minor deterrent. She wanted the biggest story in Iron Forge. The one thing no one else dared to investigate; the Rebel Souls MC. This was her chance for the big time. Great reporters make the story and chase their dreams.

But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine what this night would present her. Not only did she infiltrate the inner sanctum, but now she was witness to a murder. The biker wars of Iron Forge were not a myth and not only was Holly right smack in the middle, she only had one hope to keep her alive; the most feared rider of all the Rebels. Benjamin Bracken.

His street name was the one all who knew of the MC world dread to speak, for they understood what “Unleash the Kracken” meant. And after tonight, Holly would too.

Whether she was ready or not.


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