When Leonardo Silva came into Angel West’s life, she assumed he was a fallen star sent directly from heaven. He was gorgeous, attentive and yet there was something about him that gave her pause, when she wasn’t weak at the knees. A secret he carried with him that weighed on him heavily. The closer she gets, the more she understands he was running from what he called his destiny. The family business that he wanted no part in. He wanted her, or so he said. And the passionate nights they spent together certainly proved it. His touch and gaze could burn through to her core, and just when she found herself at his mercy, he disappeared without a word.

Later, what returns to her isn’t the same man. The destiny that he refused, has taken hold. Leonardo is now a Mafia Don. A man who would take a match to anything that got in his way and Angel learns his disappearance was not all it appeared to be.

But the forces that caused him to take up the mantle as head of the Silva Crime Family do not rest. The fight for New Haven has only just begun, as has the battle within Leonardo for his very soul. Angel holds the key to the latter, and she must choose whether to fight alongside him, or burn along with the city.

This book is intended for Adults. No part of this book should be consumed by those under 18. Explicit sex scenes with themes of submission are contained within. This is not a fade to black book. You WILL experience everything. Every filthy word whispered, every clench of fists restrained by cuffs, every clamp down of teeth.


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