When Danielle Stone learns of her brother’s crippling debt to crime boss Salvatore Carlino, her first instinct is to help. Carlino makes her a one-time offer to wipe the debt clean and let her brother walk away; her.

So she reluctantly agrees to be his plaything. At his beck and call, day or night.

While her brother hatches a plan to free her, an enemy lurks in the shadows, biding their time. The fate of New Haven hangs in the balance as the whispered cult “The Void” threatens to crush them all.

As Danielle falls deeper into a world of violence and excess, the man she hates unleashes a craving shes never experienced before. And slowly, the closer they get, the line between Carlino’s most depraved desires and her own begin to blur.

Desperate to keep control of his empire and his senses, the previously untouchable Carlino is destined to lose. The only question is, will it be his heart, or his life?

This book is intended for Adults. No part of this book should be consumed by those under 18. Explicit sex scenes with themes of submission are contained within. This is not a fade to black book. You WILL experience everything. Every filthy word whispered, every clench of fists restrained by cuffs, every clamp down of teeth.


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